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More New things

It seems I get so wrapped up in creating at times I forget to post about the newness I have added to the store. Then, as time goes on more new stuff pushes the old to the back of the blogging queue. So whilst I remember, heres a couple more new things I added to the Jewelry line. Enjoy.

Also, exciting news!! Trubble has now joined the 60L Weekends sale, and has a gorgeous, exclusive skirt suit in this weeks lineup. Unfortunately, because I’m in a mean mood, I’m not going to show you a picture now. You’ll just have to get on over to Trubble on Saturday or Sunday of this week to see it :p. You can even go over now and touch the subscriber for 60L Weekends to sign up for the weekly list if you don’t already get it, and grab the new stuff whilst you’re there.

Here’s your Limo

Finally new release time :D

It’s definately time for a change, an update of sorts.

I’ve almost finished updating the store build, and I’m in the process of giving it some more tweaks.
The beloved dressing rooms are back, but slightly different in design. I now have 2 floors, one for shoes and casual, the upper for gowns and jewels.

The freebie area is at the top of the stairs and is slowly being styled into a workshop. Don’t worry about stairs though, they’re nice and large for ease of use, and for us lazier avatars, the signs on the wall at the top and bottom will tp you up and down.

There are also different sections downstairs, so things are going to be easier to find, especially once the new teleporter is working right. There is also a front desk, but that needs work and might just be removed, and replaced with a seating area of some sorts. Any ideas let me know 🙂

As requested, all new releases will be in the first section/department as you enter the store, giving you chance to see all of the newness without hunting.

Right now it’s holding these new pieces. Hope you like them.
Also, you may have noticed the store is looking a little barer than usual. That’s because I went through critically and took out all of the older stuff, and all of the items I feel no longer show my current skills. I want you to have only the best. Don’t worry though, I’m creating and releasing as fast as I can, so you’ll soon have a bigger choice of pretties than ever before!

Attention Bloggers

I am in the process of setting up a list of bloggers who want to recieve review copies. If you want to be on the list please let me know either here, by email (tracyrubble@gmail.com) or in world.

For now it will be IM to subscribe/unsubscribe, but I am working on a way to put an unsubscribe button in store, so in the future, if you wish to stop recieving for any reason you will just need to drop in and click.

Still here

It’s been so busy recently I haven’t had much time to update this blog. But I just wanted to let you know I am still here.

Trubble is going through some more of the promised updates, including a whole new range that will be released in bulk in the very near future.

I’d also like to announce that I’m bringing out 2 new ranges under the Trubble brand. “SHU” which will be a range of footwear and (Jewelry Box) which, of course, will be accessories and jewelry. This way you can get a whole new outfit at the Trubble mainstore, without having the hunt the grid for the finishing touches.

Of course, I will post some preview pics here before the launch of the new ranges, but for now all I’m saying is… Trubble is ready for the Summer 2010, are you?

February Dollarbie

Yes I finally updated it. Enjoy.

Get it here for 1L

its gone…

Yup, for you members following the saga of the dying laptop, it officially went to silicone heaven.

Thus far I don’t know what happened. I was taking a picture and it went black. The ram isn’t registering, and when it does the graphics are borked. It’s overheating still and … just won’t work.

So, now I dunno what to do. I’ve started the RL savings but they’re not amounting to the minimum of £200-250 (100k+ L’s) I’ll need to get a second hand one.

All in all, right now Trubble is hanging in the balance.  I have around 5-6 weeks tier left. I can’t release as I can’t create. As you know my only other option is hubby’s pc, which he uses most of the time and which has no photoshop and limited graphics.

I am taking the laptop to an expert today to find out what happened and see what can be saved. Hopefully my textures can be rescued if not the laptop saved.

The store will stay for now, and I will keep you updated.

For now though…

Everything in store is 100L or less. plus theres a donation thermometer where you can see the amount I’ve got towards my target…

Plus a lovely 11 outfit special for just 500L!


New at Trubble – Erin

I opened photoshop yesterday morning with the initial aim of starting on some cute jeans and shirts for a casual range. Unfortunately neither that nor the plan of making some more seperates happened.

What did happen was Erin. A cute party dress with animal print and diamante!

The dress comes in 7 main colours and is midlength. Perfect for almost any occasion. Each individual dress is 395L but you can also get the fatpack for just 2300L, which is a 500L discount!

I also have a special limited edition purple copy of Erin available on the 12th February through sl daily deals. It will open for sales at 9am, priced at 300L and only 250 copies will be available. Don’t miss out.

Mainstore is here, come grab your Erin!

**Trubble** New releases and a huge sale!

It struck me today that in just over a month (12th February) Trubble will turn 2 whole years old! That shocked me, because time has passed so quickly and when I opened I actually thought “this’ll probably only last a few months.” Well, I’d guess I outlasted my own expectations.

This week, to celebrate the new year and a whole other ton of stuff that will come clear very soon, I have reduced all full-priced items, including the new stuff, to 50% or more off. I’ve also dropped all of the sale stock to just 10L a piece… and added some cool stuff like the midnight mania!

The sale will run until the 10th January, and after that point some of the older sale stock will be retired ready for something very special.

Now for the new stuff, no words…. I’ll let the pictures say it.

Until next time xxx


Our in world group **Trubble Designs** has now become the VIP group for Trubble.
It offers special gifts, exclusive freebies, offers and first looks.
Enrollment is now 250L, but trust me, you’ll get more than your L’s worth before this year is out. Join Now, and be a Trubble VIP.

Search for Trubble Designs in groups or IM Tracy Rubble.

The first gift is already in the past notices…. grab it …


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