Still here

It’s been so busy recently I haven’t had much time to update this blog. But I just wanted to let you know I am still here.

Trubble is going through some more of the promised updates, including a whole new range that will be released in bulk in the very near future.

I’d also like to announce that I’m bringing out 2 new ranges under the Trubble brand. “SHU” which will be a range of footwear and (Jewelry Box) which, of course, will be accessories and jewelry. This way you can get a whole new outfit at the Trubble mainstore, without having the hunt the grid for the finishing touches.

Of course, I will post some preview pics here before the launch of the new ranges, but for now all I’m saying is… Trubble is ready for the Summer 2010, are you?


its gone…

Yup, for you members following the saga of the dying laptop, it officially went to silicone heaven.

Thus far I don’t know what happened. I was taking a picture and it went black. The ram isn’t registering, and when it does the graphics are borked. It’s overheating still and … just won’t work.

So, now I dunno what to do. I’ve started the RL savings but they’re not amounting to the minimum of £200-250 (100k+ L’s) I’ll need to get a second hand one.

All in all, right now Trubble is hanging in the balance.  I have around 5-6 weeks tier left. I can’t release as I can’t create. As you know my only other option is hubby’s pc, which he uses most of the time and which has no photoshop and limited graphics.

I am taking the laptop to an expert today to find out what happened and see what can be saved. Hopefully my textures can be rescued if not the laptop saved.

The store will stay for now, and I will keep you updated.

For now though…

Everything in store is 100L or less. plus theres a donation thermometer where you can see the amount I’ve got towards my target…

Plus a lovely 11 outfit special for just 500L!

End of the gift cards, and a nice lil sale!


In an attempt to reduce lag and make your shopping experience more comfortable, I am removing all gift card scripts from the store at or around midnight slt on the 1st July.

Please use all gift cards prior to this date, as I will not be offering refunds. After this date, you may return the gift card to me, with a list of items up to the value left on your card and I will send them. This will continue until 1st August. Cards will no longer work in the vendors from the 2nd July.

Also on the 2nd July for 24 hours, everything in store will be priced at just 20L. What a summer sizzler!
Don’t miss it, its not often the sun fries my brain!


The store has had the beginnings of a sneaky makeover. So first I wanna apologise for its emptiness.

It’s still a work in progress, and for the next part I NEED YOU!

Your task, should you accept, is to push your photography skills to the limit. Really work those cameras…. get into photoshop or gimp and touch up, effect, shake and mold those pictures… and create a picture for our boards. In store we have 6 boards… 2 near the windows, 2 near the back wall vendors and 2 outside.
These boards will be used to display the 6 top places.

The winners will also recieve –

6th, 5th and 4th place – 250L gift card
3rd place – 500 L gift card – and 100L cash
2nd Place – 1000L gift card and 500L cash
1st place – 5000L gift card and 1000L cash

Entry is free and open to all, but I do ask that you follow these few rules.

1. Please send 1 entry per person to Tracy Rubble by midnight slt on the 18th May 2009.
2. Please ensure your picture is full perms.
3. Entries MUST be photographs of yourself wearing a current outfit from the store.
4. Please incorporate your name into the picture on the top left hand corner along with the name of the outfit that you have selected.
5. Please ensure anyone else in the picture are also wearing a trubble design (except for men)
6. Make sure that your picture is high quality, but submit as a png file or tga file at a size no larger than 512×512

Have fun, be creative… make sure it is your best work and send the finished file to Tracy Rubble by midnight on the 18th June… entries after this date will be discarded.
Please name the file ##Trubblemay09 {your name} so that I can find it in my inventory.

Good Luck

P.S. This will not be a “popularity contest”. Entries will be judged by a panel of independent people. Results will be announced in the group and on on the 30th May 2009.


Spring / summer2009 invitation


Spring/summer 2009 collection

Hey there,
As some of you know I’ve been holed up in my studio working on the first release of the spring/summer 2009 season.

Theres going to be a mass release on April 5th at around 2pm slt, so the store will close for approximately 1 hour prior.

Feel free to teleport onto the sim and wait on the beautiful communal area in front of the store if you want to be the first to grab one of the many many new designs hitting the store on Sunday.


and lots lots more!

So, set your alarms… scribble in your diaries and drop a reminder into your iphones…. this is one date you don’t want to miss!!!!!





More fun stuff

As promised, I have added the last of the fun stuff to the store for now. By popular vote, midnight madness has hit Trubble, starting with Ginnie for free… Remember the prize will change daily if won, as will the number of people who can get it free.

Plus, I have added an easy way of getting something, Pick’s win prizes… Slip us into your picks by heading into your profile, onto the picks page and clicking New. All done so long as you are in the store when you do it. Then touch our picks for prizes board… and poof…. 1 free gift… todays in 100L gift card!!!
Don’t miss out… this is going to get fun…. I will be hiding a 1000L gift card in one of the games at a random time over the next couple of  days, so keep your eyes peeled or subscribe to our mailing list ( also getting something free for doing so) to get hints.

New release…. Tiea

It’s easter nearly! I can’t wait for the chocolate eggs, and of course the beginning of the warm summery days to come.

I had those warm days in mind while I sat and sketched out a design for the “Spring is in the air”  egg hunt and here it is… Tiea. Light, airy and simple. Gone are the boots and jackets… slip on the dress and scarf… add some sandles…and pull your prims into a ponytail… its time to play.

you can't buy a dress like this.... cos its a prize in the hunt

you can't buy a dress like this.... cos its a prize in the hunt

Watch this space for the start slurl….. or pop to the store for other goodies

british thyroid foundation

As some people in world know, I was diagnosed with a serious thyroid disease and graves disease around 8 months ago. I have now been told that the only way to return my system to normal is to have an operation. Which led me to think about the last 8 months and how I didn’t even know much about the thyroid until I was accidently diagnosed at an asthma clinic!

The british thyroid foundation want to change that and are fighting to raise awareness of this disease and other thyroid related illnesses.

You can visit them here for more information.

To thank them and help them with their task, I wanted to raise some money, and where better than the place I spend a lot of time in.
I have a fundraising package for anyone wanting to help with this fundraising, contact Tracy Rubble, or any donations can be paid directly to Kimmie Madfess.

Thankyou x


I recieved a rather worrying IM this morning so I decided to clear something up….

[2009/03/12 8:38]  random friend: (Saved Thur Mar 12 01:41:16 2009)ARE YOU DEAD OR SOMETHING? WHERE ARE YOUR RANDOM IMS?

Reading this over a coffee… that promptly got choked on… made me realise how oddly quiet I’ve been… so I thought it was a good idea to let you all know that I am very much still breathing… and working on some new things.

I’ve been trying to get out some new lines for months, but since I am the queen of procrastination it hasn’t happened… until now.

I’ve been working hard in my little studio and getting ready a nice new range of accessories including flowing scarves and other bits and bobs. I’ve been learning to create shoes, and I’ve been working through my textures to get prepared for some hair creation! So it’s all go go go.

Now due to primage, the hair will be going in its own store…which will be under the Trubble brand… so it needs a name!!!!!! That’s where you come in….

I need suggestions for the name… which must include the name Trubble… so Trubbleforhair or along those lines.

Send suggestions on a notecard to Tracy Rubble, and name it…

Trubble hair suggestion {your name}.

The best one will be used for the new store…. and the person who suggests it will win… not one… not two… but the complete first line of Trubble Hair…
Grand Opening, and other details will be confirmed soon so… get suggesting and watch this space!!!!!

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