Attention Bloggers

I am in the process of setting up a list of bloggers who want to recieve review copies. If you want to be on the list please let me know either here, by email ( or in world.

For now it will be IM to subscribe/unsubscribe, but I am working on a way to put an unsubscribe button in store, so in the future, if you wish to stop recieving for any reason you will just need to drop in and click.


its gone…

Yup, for you members following the saga of the dying laptop, it officially went to silicone heaven.

Thus far I don’t know what happened. I was taking a picture and it went black. The ram isn’t registering, and when it does the graphics are borked. It’s overheating still and … just won’t work.

So, now I dunno what to do. I’ve started the RL savings but they’re not amounting to the minimum of £200-250 (100k+ L’s) I’ll need to get a second hand one.

All in all, right now Trubble is hanging in the balance.  I have around 5-6 weeks tier left. I can’t release as I can’t create. As you know my only other option is hubby’s pc, which he uses most of the time and which has no photoshop and limited graphics.

I am taking the laptop to an expert today to find out what happened and see what can be saved. Hopefully my textures can be rescued if not the laptop saved.

The store will stay for now, and I will keep you updated.

For now though…

Everything in store is 100L or less. plus theres a donation thermometer where you can see the amount I’ve got towards my target…

Plus a lovely 11 outfit special for just 500L!


This post is THE place for all of your trubble questions and answers. I needed to reclaim the vast majority of my profile, so from 31st August 2009, please check here for answers to anything.

**Where do I find Trubble??**

You will find us at any of the following places – click the link for a teleport.



If the location is not listed here, it is not an authorised **Trubble** location (PLEASE NOTE : there are satellites on TIESTA and KETURAH until further notice and there are regular booths at exhibitions). Likewise, if the creator is not listed as Tracy Rubble, it is not an authorised retailer. Please report all unauthorised sales of **Trubble** designs to Tracy Rubble.

**Are you looking to rent more space?**

No, at this time I am not looking to rent. Please do not drop unsolicited notecards on me regarding rentals. Instead, send an email to, with details of rent, prims and a contact name. When I do refresh my rentals I will contact the emailers first.

**Who can I contact for help?**

Your first port of call should always be Tracy Rubble herself. As the owner/designer, I always try to take care of my customers myself. Alas, RL sometimes calls, but you can leave a notecard.

If I am unavailable for a longer length of time, check my profile for a contact name for that period.

**Can I buy your textures, tga files etc?**

No, I do not sell the textures/templates as I spend a lot of time developing them for my use only. If you wish to learn clothing design, why not check out Mermaid Diaries, which has some of the best tutorials.

**Can I have something full perms? Can I have something transferrable?**

These are both under the same paragraph as they both relate to the same answer. The reason I do not sell anything full-permission or transferrable, is to protect my IP rights. Yes I could sell things modify/transfer, but if you make a mistake whilst modifying you have lost your only copy. So for ease, I sell copy/mod/no trans.

**Can I have something for free?**

It isn’t impossible to get something free or 1L from **Trubble**. Look around the store, there are free/1L items dotted around when I have specials. These aren’t always advertised. We also have games near the door, which change regularly.

Also, don’t forget to join the group **Trubble designs** or touch our in store subscriber, as you’ll get freebies from time to time through there!

**Can I work for you?**

I do not hire models for my vendor textures as it is easier to do the photo’s using myself. However I DO send out notices from time to time asking for help with photo projects for store ads, and for my own personal projects. These are unpaid, with the exception of free clothing when needed.

I do not hire other staff.

**Can I add you?**

I keep my contacts to a minimum, as I have found that list gets very messy, very fast. If you want to keep up, join my plurk timeline. Plurk is a social network, and the best place to get to know me outside of the store.


Guess who’s back… back again

I’m home!!!! And my word did I miss you all.

I’ve spent the last 3 days stuck in hospital, with a phone that refused to connect to the interwebz, no laptop and no other means of connection. It was a nightmare!

I’ve now had my thyroid removed. The operation was a complete success. All of the risks seemingly didn’t apply. I had no bleeding, no swelling and I don’t even have bruising. In fact I feel healthier than I have in years.

So I’ve spent 3 days waiting to be sent home, and sketching away at some new ideas. I now have 30 pages of cuteness ready to head into photoshop as soon as I get unpacked and find time.
Thankyou for all your words of support and please be patient whilst I catch up with everything I’m behind on. Love you all.

They’re herrrre….

Ok so its more a case of “it’s here”.

As some of you may know I will be having an operation to have a total thyroidectomy in just 2 short weeks time. Tomorrow is my pre-op assessment, and today I began a course of Iodine drops to prepare my thyroid for its impending doom.

So obviously for a good few weeks (up until 17th June, 1 week post op at least) I will not be doing much in the way of work, and I probably won’t be around much.
There’s a backlog of replies and replacement gift cards in my inventory which I am working through prior to the operation, so please bear with me if you’re still waiting, I do apologise for any delays.

During the time I’m away, I’ve set up a few things to ensure you Trubble fans are not just dumped.
Firstly, in my absence, Celestria Henly will be available to contact via notecard with general questions. She is unable to refund, replace or deal with any technical problems, but she can help you with questions regarding how to use the gift cards, and any other general questions you have.
The store will remain open during my absence and I will attempt to log in at least once a day once I am out of the hospital. But please, help me and send notecards if you need anything technical done eg.. refunds/replacements. Please give as much detail as you possibly can, and please if possible add your transaction history. This will mean I can deal with enquiries faster in the short time I’ll have, but be aware it may be a few days before you hear back.

On an up side. Take a look at this bikini, which is hitting the store sometime tomorrow …


It’s a little on the sexy side, so doubles perfectly as some cute lingerie. Yup, two pieces in one!
I hope you enjoy it, and I’ll see you on the other side xx

Tracy Rubble xx

trubble – please divert

So, this evening I decided to log in and do what I do best… procrastinate.

But on hitting the log in button… my world was turned upside down!

My account has been disabled, with not a single word from LL explaining why or how long for. So for now… its into photoshop with a constant refresh on the support tickets to see if they’ll ever reply.

Now I did some research and found that most accounts are only disabled for doing something reallllly bad. Yet I’m a constant rule follower, and spend most of my time designing… all in all its looking confusing.

So for now… please divert all customer service questions to Destiny Earnshaw, or insidertips Lisa…. both are able to contact me in RL  and will be able to deal with basic questions. Unfortunately technical problems and transaction problems are unresolvable for the forseeable future until this is resolved.

You can also email to get me direct. But I cannot access any transaction histories, xstreet, my account or anything in the store, I can only help with basic enquiries.

Getting Good Customer Service

A big part of any business is its customer service. Without customers there wouldn’t be a business, therefore all business owners both on the grid and in the real world focus on looking after those customers.

So what can you do to help those businesses to help you?

Before you contact the designer regarding your enquiry, first check their profile and store signs for the store policies regarding your problem. You will likely find your answer there, and speed up the process of fixing things.

Also, try and put yourself into the designers shoes. They work hard to release new items and help customers at the same time and may not be able to assist you immediately. It’s always best to request support by notecard, so that the designer doesn’t lose your enquiry if they are AFK or their IM’s cap whilst offline, which the majority of them do. Follow this up after 48 hours if you haven’t had a reply, just in case it was lost, but don’t harass with a stream of IM’s.

Common Queries and how to enquire

  1. Your item didn’t get delivered by the system due to an error, but it took your funds.Firstly the worst thing you can do, and unfortunately a very common way of trying to bring up this subject is to begin accusing the designer of  trying to “scam” you.  This helps nobody and only causes friction before they have even tried to help you. Instead send them a notecard, by dropping it into their profile, with the following information.

Your avatars name – So they can get back to you.

A brief description of the problem – For example… “I purchased {item name} from your store located at {sim name} for the total of {price}. The system took my funds but didn’t deliver the item”. All of these details help the designer check that it isn’t an error with their vendors.

Your transaction details – This is found in WORLD > ACCOUNT HISTORY and does require you to log in. You can also access this via the second life website. This piece of information is essential.

2. You accidently purchased 2 of the same item – Send the above notecard to the designer. Most will give you a replacement of a similar value outfit to replace the extra purchase.

3. You accidently purchased an item and want a refund – Unfortunately with the vast majority of designers this is a grey area as it is a common trick for people to say this to get 2 designs for the price of one. You need to be careful not to do this in the first place, as many clothes and other items cannot be returned due to no trans permissions. If it does happen by accident please send an apologetic note with transaction history to the designer, and if the item is transferrable offer to return it. Do NOT return it with the note as it depends on the stores policy whether they will refund. If they do state they will refund, return the item and thank them. If they say they cannot or will not, all you can do is chalk it to experience and walk away.

4. You have a suggestion or would like a custom item made – Send a notecard!!! See the pattern?

Designers love to recieve notecards from customers. Anything from a support request right along to a suggestion, comment or thankyou are welcomed.

5. I bought {item} for my special event/wedding/other and would like to tell the designer how perfect it was!

Send a notecard and maybe some pics of the item in use. No matter how small, these nice notes and thankyou’s make many designers days, and may even end up being featured on their blogs. If its not even responded to, which I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, remember that it WILL have made the designer smile, and they will keep designing and running their store. That’s why you went in the first place!

Please Help, it doesn’t look right

A big plight for shoppers the grid over is that clothing, unlike in real life, don’t come in sizes to fit each person. You cannot walk into a store here and pick up a size 8 dress or size 4 jeans. It’s a case of one size… sometimes… fits all.

But what do you do if it doesn’t fit you like it looks on the vendor?

Well the first thing you will feel like doing is complaining to the designer. Which, whilst a very human and valid thought, is probably not the best way to go.

Many designers are very busy people, balancing real life jobs and families with their in world work and trying to fit in time for an sl and rl social lives.

Many of the veteran designers have listed “office hours” on their profiles to give themselves a break from their work and also have FAQ’s or store policies there. So before contacting them, please ensure you have checked on their profile and blog to see if it answers your question.

Next, you need to stop and think about your shape/size if the item is clothing. Is it around average? Have you opted for a curvy look or a slimmer shape?

If the item is hair or jewellery… is that part of your body around average?

Most designers create their prim attachments and outfits on an average avatar shape so that it fits closely to the vast majority of shapes, making it easier to adjust. These average shapes vary from designer to designer.

If you are completely happy that your avatar is of an average shape but the attachment doesn’t fit, you need to adjust it following one of the many tutorials on the web. I find the Nikki Heron adjustment tutorial to be very simple to follow for skirts and the mermaid diaries tutorials amazing for other items.
If you are sure your shape is average, or you wish to let the designer know that you had trouble. It is best to send your request on a notecard with the following:

Your avatar name, so that the designer can get in touch with you if they need to.

Pictures of the problem and also of yourself, as this helps the designer to see why it isn’t looking correct and identify a way of stopping this problem in the future

A detailed description of the problem including what you did to fix it, or have tried.

A short note of what you would like them to do. Don’t use this bit to insist they refund you/adjust it for you/apologise profusely and close their store… as this will likely event in your note being deleted.
Read my other post on how to help a store give good customer service.

I hope this helps, and remember… using tutorials to fit your own prim attachments and clothing will teach you the basics of design. Making your shopping experiences better and maybe even sparking an interest. A lot of designers will tell you, as I will now… “I started designing after learning to adjust what I had bought.”

Frequently asked questions

Time for an updated list of frequently asked questions.
1. Hi are you there?

This is likely to go unanswered. Please ensure you send me your question in full or send me a notecard. I do go afk quite a lot, and may crash before I see your IM.
2. Can I have a LM to your store?

If I am not afk of course you can. If I am afk… you can either go to my profile picks and teleport from there (most go direct to the store), search for Trubble in SL search, check past purchases as all of them usually have a current LM in them or you can use this slurl …
3. Can I send you a friend request? (This also goes for those people who just randomly send me one)

It’s nothing personal, but I rarely accept friends requests from people I don’t know. If I need to keep in touch with you regarding a custom order or for any other reason I will add you for the duration of the time required. This is due to the fact that my friends list gets pretty full and adding every request I get would make it unmanagable.
4. I have your gift card and used it but it took the cash from my L’s! Please give me back my cash.

I am sorry you have had this problem. The gift cards come with instructions that say that you need to wear the card then right clock the vendor and select Gift Card from the menu. The rest is automated and will give you instructions in chat or on the menu.

I apologise but I cannot refund the transaction as you have recieved the product and cannot return it due to it being no transfer.
5. I want a refund.

Apologies, but all of our sales are final due to the items being no transfer, as you cannot return it I cannot refund. In the case of an accidental double purchase of the same item, I can send you another item of the same value, just send me a notecard with transaction history and your chosen replacement.

6. Please join my group.

The group spaces are limited to 25, and most of these are used up by groups I need for marketing and land purposes. This means I cannot accept every group invite I receive.

7. Are you ignoring me?

No, not on purpose at least. I spend a lot of time afk, and sometimes crash before I get back. Also my IM’s cap when I’m offline for more than 2-3 hours. Please send a notecard. I WILL get back to you.

8. (Usually in the form of random teleport requests) Come to my club night, dj, sploder… etc

I am usually busy designing or helping customers, or sometimes just lounging around in IM’s. I’m sorry if I didn’t take the request, but thankyou for offering and if I am in one of those rare moments with nothing to do… I’ll drop in and say hi.

9. Can you sponsor my event/club?

Of course I can! I can offer you gift cards to give out, just send me a notecard with details of the club / lm and I’ll check it out and get back to you xx

In the case of problems/questions.

If you have a question or are unhappy with anything you have seen/purchased from Trubble, including all customer services. Please send me an IM or Notecard directly.
There have been cases where a problem has occured and I have heard about it through groups or from other people. This doesn’t help anybody. It just makes the problem bigger.

I pride myself on making customer service my biggest priority. I don’t want you to have a bad experience whilst visiting Trubble. So please, come directly to myself and let me fix the problems.