The store has had the beginnings of a sneaky makeover. So first I wanna apologise for its emptiness.

It’s still a work in progress, and for the next part I NEED YOU!

Your task, should you accept, is to push your photography skills to the limit. Really work those cameras…. get into photoshop or gimp and touch up, effect, shake and mold those pictures… and create a picture for our boards. In store we have 6 boards… 2 near the windows, 2 near the back wall vendors and 2 outside.
These boards will be used to display the 6 top places.

The winners will also recieve –

6th, 5th and 4th place – 250L gift card
3rd place – 500 L gift card – and 100L cash
2nd Place – 1000L gift card and 500L cash
1st place – 5000L gift card and 1000L cash

Entry is free and open to all, but I do ask that you follow these few rules.

1. Please send 1 entry per person to Tracy Rubble by midnight slt on the 18th May 2009.
2. Please ensure your picture is full perms.
3. Entries MUST be photographs of yourself wearing a current outfit from the store.
4. Please incorporate your name into the picture on the top left hand corner along with the name of the outfit that you have selected.
5. Please ensure anyone else in the picture are also wearing a trubble design (except for men)
6. Make sure that your picture is high quality, but submit as a png file or tga file at a size no larger than 512×512

Have fun, be creative… make sure it is your best work and send the finished file to Tracy Rubble by midnight on the 18th June… entries after this date will be discarded.
Please name the file ##Trubblemay09 {your name} so that I can find it in my inventory.

Good Luck

P.S. This will not be a “popularity contest”. Entries will be judged by a panel of independent people. Results will be announced in the group and on on the 30th May 2009.



More fun stuff

As promised, I have added the last of the fun stuff to the store for now. By popular vote, midnight madness has hit Trubble, starting with Ginnie for free… Remember the prize will change daily if won, as will the number of people who can get it free.

Plus, I have added an easy way of getting something, Pick’s win prizes… Slip us into your picks by heading into your profile, onto the picks page and clicking New. All done so long as you are in the store when you do it. Then touch our picks for prizes board… and poof…. 1 free gift… todays in 100L gift card!!!
Don’t miss out… this is going to get fun…. I will be hiding a 1000L gift card in one of the games at a random time over the next couple of  days, so keep your eyes peeled or subscribe to our mailing list ( also getting something free for doing so) to get hints.

New release…. Tiea

It’s easter nearly! I can’t wait for the chocolate eggs, and of course the beginning of the warm summery days to come.

I had those warm days in mind while I sat and sketched out a design for the “Spring is in the air”  egg hunt and here it is… Tiea. Light, airy and simple. Gone are the boots and jackets… slip on the dress and scarf… add some sandles…and pull your prims into a ponytail… its time to play.

you can't buy a dress like this.... cos its a prize in the hunt

you can't buy a dress like this.... cos its a prize in the hunt

Watch this space for the start slurl….. or pop to the store for other goodies

other stuff- dj trubble

djtrubblepromoYou may or may not have been wondering where I’ve been for the past few days.

So here goes….

I’ve been working hard on new designs, and updating some of the older ones alongside some custom work, so watch this space for releases sometime in the next week. As always I’m in perfectionist mode and won’t release til I’m happy with them.

I’ve also relaunched my DJ career, and in just 3 days my diary is filling up fast. So if you need a DJ then grab me fast! Apparantly people have been waiting for me to come back!

Hop on over to the blog to see my schedule and reviews of the clubs I’ve dj’d in etc… cos its all gonna be there

So it’s now official, trubble isn’t a store, its a brand, and its one thats gonna be hitting SL with a sledgehammer!

Sidetracked! Achariyas posemaker challenge

Ok, I know I promised myself to stay away from sidetracks… but I saw Achariya posted this challenge on her blog and I had to agree, the posemakers are the unsung heroes of the sl fashion world.
Regardless of what reason you take pictures, I can guarrantee you’ve used many different poses, but do you remember to credit them?

So here’s mine…. I’m yelling out a HUGE thankyou to Essential Soul Studio and Poses!

Poses by essential soul!

Poses by essential soul!

Working from the top and going clockwise we have ::

1. Ready to Fight  – A dollarbie offering!

2. Posh – From the “at the wall” set

3. Contemplation – From the “at the wall” set

4. Express – From the “[EX]pressions” set

5. Explain – From the “[EX]pressions” set

These were so hard to choose as Essential soul do so many amazing poses… from Solo (which is a new range) to group poses. They even offer boy/girl and girl/girl poses.
Every pose is really natural and the creators have an amazing eye for detail, which makes me go back again and again. They regularly update everything including their freebies and everytime I go to the store it looks different. In just a few short months they’ve gone from a rather small store to one that would take hours to browse. But don’t let that put you off… IM one of the designers or message the group telling them what it is you need, and they’ll help within seconds.

Customer service is AMAZING, with a guarranteed answer right off, and the staff are friendly and will stop to chat if you are in store, but not imposing like some I’ve come across.
All in all….. my hat is off to Essential Soul, as without them, most of my pictures would be poseless!

Style Guide

Suit – nyte n day (Zoot)

Shoes – Minx (Ecstasy)

Hair – Adam n Eve (Janie)

Skin – Tuli (Elizabeth sunkissed freckles, fern)

Shape – Laqroki (Liv)

Lashes – Beauty Avatar ( Regina Eyelashes 10)

New stuff in store

After weeks of asking, researching, shopping, toing and froing… I’ve decided to trial run some fun stuff in the store!
No I’m not going into the campsite business. I’m all for helping new residents make a little cash, but there are many places designed just for camping and I don’t want to create another…. so heres what we have…

Lucky Dip – Try your luck by leaning into the barrel of muck and pulling out a gift! It could be something great… or a booby prize.

Lucky Beanbag – Like a lucky chair, get gift cards or clothing… just watch for your letter!

Easter Egg Hunt – Running for the easter season…. look for the falling eggs, if its your initial…. you win a gift card!

These are, as I said, on a trial run… so come on down and take a look… see if you’re lucky!

All of the games will have their prizes updated regularly with more items added, some new stuff, some older stuff and the past group gifts/dollarbies will be available in their too…. so if you missed em… you could still have a chance.

I’m also in the process of working through some of the older limited edition items and finding ways to give you all another chance… like snowqueen from the last expo… it’s coming back, so keep your eyes open…

Of course, Limited Edition is Limited Edition, so it won’t be back forever!