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More New things

It seems I get so wrapped up in creating at times I forget to post about the newness I have added to the store. Then, as time goes on more new stuff pushes the old to the back of the blogging queue. So whilst I remember, heres a couple more new things I added to the Jewelry line. Enjoy.

Also, exciting news!! Trubble has now joined the 60L Weekends sale, and has a gorgeous, exclusive skirt suit in this weeks lineup. Unfortunately, because I’m in a mean mood, I’m not going to show you a picture now. You’ll just have to get on over to Trubble on Saturday or Sunday of this week to see it :p. You can even go over now and touch the subscriber for 60L Weekends to sign up for the weekly list if you don’t already get it, and grab the new stuff whilst you’re there.

Here’s your Limo

New at Trubble – Erin

I opened photoshop yesterday morning with the initial aim of starting on some cute jeans and shirts for a casual range. Unfortunately neither that nor the plan of making some more seperates happened.

What did happen was Erin. A cute party dress with animal print and diamante!

The dress comes in 7 main colours and is midlength. Perfect for almost any occasion. Each individual dress is 395L but you can also get the fatpack for just 2300L, which is a 500L discount!

I also have a special limited edition purple copy of Erin available on the 12th February through sl daily deals. It will open for sales at 9am, priced at 300L and only 250 copies will be available. Don’t miss out.

Mainstore is here, come grab your Erin!

**Trubble** New releases and a huge sale!

It struck me today that in just over a month (12th February) Trubble will turn 2 whole years old! That shocked me, because time has passed so quickly and when I opened I actually thought “this’ll probably only last a few months.” Well, I’d guess I outlasted my own expectations.

This week, to celebrate the new year and a whole other ton of stuff that will come clear very soon, I have reduced all full-priced items, including the new stuff, to 50% or more off. I’ve also dropped all of the sale stock to just 10L a piece… and added some cool stuff like the midnight mania!

The sale will run until the 10th January, and after that point some of the older sale stock will be retired ready for something very special.

Now for the new stuff, no words…. I’ll let the pictures say it.

Until next time xxx

Autumn is here!

Autumn brings the gold and brown out in all of us. The leaves are falling from the trees, and we’re all dreading the day we can no longer leave home without a jacket.

But autumn is also my favourite season. It always brings magic for me, with the changing colours, and the knowledge that it leads straight up to christmas.
With this in mind, I’ve released autumn into Trubble.

Take a look.


Autumn comes in 3 dress lengths, the mini and gown has 2 skirt styles.

see it in store.

and on flickr

Wow what a week!

As I said in my last post, Trubble had to close on the Blues Island sim, and at that time, the store’s future was uncertain.

Time for a little good news! Trubble has a new home on the Icon Lifestyle sim.

We also have a completely new, more modern look, and of course some new releases! I’ve worked almost non-stop for the past week getting set up, and the work is still very much ongoing, but I’m planning to keep working as hard as I can to make Trubble the very best it can be.

So heres the new releases!!!

Ana-blue-sept-boardAna-Sept-Board‘Ana’ is available in both Blue and a Pink/Cream colour. Featuring a very low, cheeky back and revealing just that little bit extra.

calla2-board‘Calla2’ is a special offer for group members only. Wear your group tag to get the full skirt and bodice outfit for just $50L. (The bodice is available in store at full price too)

There are many more new items coming into the store in the next week or so, and of course, plenty of special offers, sales and freebies to be had if you are in the subscriber list or our in world group, joiners for both are available in-store.

New Stuffs AGAIN!

From one extreme to the other, now I can’t stop getting releases out there for you all. In fact theres so much coming out at trubble that I can’t possibly blog every single item. But I’m gonna try and blog as many as possible, but with just pics… so enjoy.

Trubble is here!!!


its getting hairy @ trubble

I’ve found a new love… sl hair creation. It’s frustrating, and really keeps my mind off “other” things. So now I guess it’s time to ease the load on my inventory and sell some of my first hair creations.

I released 2 last week, and today I’ve released another… Celestria.


It comes in all of the usual packs including blacks, blondes, reds and a pack of color tips. Priced from 100L – 800 for a fatpack with everything in.
I’ve also released the first “monthly dollarbie”. This packs doesn’t have the tips in, but does include 2 packs of rainbow colors. Over 30 hairs, for just 1L.


It’s been a while… I’ve missed you!

With my RL taking up so much time recently, I have been forced to push SL to the side for a while. I won’t apologise for this, nor will I make excuses for it, because we all need a RL more.

What I will apologise for though, is not communicating my absense in any way.

But, you see, it didn’t strike me to do it, because I have been around in short bursts. And I’ve been busy making …..


Yup, it’s finally past the “one day I will” stage, and firmly into the “where the heck did that prim go…” time. As I type this, I have 1 hair finished (see below) and another 3 in progress. Plus I’ve started planning a couple more, and I’m hoping to bring around 8 to the store towards the end of the month, so abuse the bookmarks, block the RSS and WATCH THIS SPACE.

Iona-Hair-BoardThis first **Trubble** hair, Iona, is a simple and sleek bobbed cut, with a whispy fringe. It’s low prim and non-flexi, and cut to be as simple as possible… effortless, and works with near enough any outfit. I’m addicted to it at the moment… it’s the lil black dress of the hair world.
I hope you like it. Iona will be available by the end of the month, but feel free to contact me for demo’s.

They’re herrrre….

Ok so its more a case of “it’s here”.

As some of you may know I will be having an operation to have a total thyroidectomy in just 2 short weeks time. Tomorrow is my pre-op assessment, and today I began a course of Iodine drops to prepare my thyroid for its impending doom.

So obviously for a good few weeks (up until 17th June, 1 week post op at least) I will not be doing much in the way of work, and I probably won’t be around much.
There’s a backlog of replies and replacement gift cards in my inventory which I am working through prior to the operation, so please bear with me if you’re still waiting, I do apologise for any delays.

During the time I’m away, I’ve set up a few things to ensure you Trubble fans are not just dumped.
Firstly, in my absence, Celestria Henly will be available to contact via notecard with general questions. She is unable to refund, replace or deal with any technical problems, but she can help you with questions regarding how to use the gift cards, and any other general questions you have.
The store will remain open during my absence and I will attempt to log in at least once a day once I am out of the hospital. But please, help me and send notecards if you need anything technical done eg.. refunds/replacements. Please give as much detail as you possibly can, and please if possible add your transaction history. This will mean I can deal with enquiries faster in the short time I’ll have, but be aware it may be a few days before you hear back.

On an up side. Take a look at this bikini, which is hitting the store sometime tomorrow …


It’s a little on the sexy side, so doubles perfectly as some cute lingerie. Yup, two pieces in one!
I hope you enjoy it, and I’ll see you on the other side xx

Tracy Rubble xx

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