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This post is sticky, and will be updated as often as possible when **Trubble** hits the SL media in some way. This includes Reviews on blogs, other news, Magazines etc.

Huge thanks to all of those who took time to write about **Trubble**.

If I have missed any press about Trubble, please let me know, with a URL and I will add it as soon as possible.

Press 2009 – Reverse order (will update from the top)

August 31st 2009

Chic Aeon – Domesticity (Features the Corset from Gypsy)

August 17th 2009

Jori Watler – Jewels of splendor (features Dani)

June 16th 2009

Ana Lutetia – **Trubble** Ruby, Veronique and Tartan Tease (Features named in title)

June 5th 2009

CelesteJetcity – Still in the mood for seaside (Features Rhea)

May 13th 2009

Aliltherapy – Blogger appreciation Week-post one (Features Veronique)

May 5th 2009

Magpie Metaverse – StoRin~Trubble – (Features top from Cher)

March 1st 2009

Chic @ phil’s place – Trubble (Features Veronique, Ginnie, and Ruby – Grey)

February 10th 2009

Magpie Metaverse – Boycott V-day (Features valentine gift 2009)

February 5th 2009

Magpie Metaverse – Die Cupid (Features Die Cupid)

Press 2008 – Reverse order

December 27th 2008

SL Fashion notes – late for christmas (features Ruby – red)

December 8th 2008

Magpie Metaverse – Snow Queen by Trubble (Features Snow Queen)

December 4th 2008

Magpie Metaverse – Trubble (Features Ruby – Red)

November 26th 2008

Freebie Telegraph – OOO Sexy Mrs Christmas Dress – (Features Ms Christmas)

August 24th 2008 – Ware Below (Features Noir)


Once upon a stroll….

My horoscope this morning told me, “rare circumstances will lead to something precious.”

Now I do read my horoscope, almost every day, and yes I do believe sometimes they can be right, but this one…well, didn’t seem to strike me like “you’re gonna break your arm by falling over the cat” would. It seemed cryptic.
Walking into the house, laden with bags full of heavy shopping, and looking forward to sitting down after a morning of rushing around before I picked little one up from nursery, the strange words were still playing on my mind. I couldn’t think of any rare circumstances at all, since my life seems well and truly routine.
But, logging into sl, I found myself bored, and clicked on events to see what was going on. First on my list? a treasure hunt. I didn’t want to take part, but thought it would be a great chance to explore a new sim, so I teleported in, and waited for the rez.

Greeted by business in a box stores, resellers and a lot of music boxes, I considered leaving like I usually would, but seeing as the sim was so big, I took a stroll across a few bridges and around the stores that seem to cover the whole area.

It seemed like your usual reseller sim, filled with simple, badly textured builds and loads of spam. Until I came across some hovertext screaming “1161 prims, 5 attachment points.”

I was shocked, what on earth could be that many prims? But there, on the vendor, was a gorgeous tiara. Highly detailed, I could see why it used so many prims.

The store, Sparkle of Sound, was small, and looked very new, but the quality of the items inside amazed me. A few tiaras adorned the walls, dotted between brooch’s and earrings. The designer, Alastair Whybrow, has even created an angel Brooch for RFL, which is so cute and sweet I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Outside his store a small vendor gives free Butterfly brooches, so I took one to check out his quality.


The butterfly is made up of the tiniest prims I’ve ever seen, and looks so real, and delicate. I fell in love with it so quickly, I know now I’ll probably never take it off. I also picked up his Ocean Wave hair comb for a bargain 100L!


The comb is really well made, with definate attention to detail, including sharp points on the end of each comb.
Honestly, this store took me by surprise, and then I remembered the horoscope. I’d rarely stay on a sim that seemed full of resellers, I’d move onto the next place. A rare circumstance, I decided to take a stroll, and Sparkle of sound, well… I guess I did find something precious.


p.s. apologies for the worlds worst pictures. My graphics card, as you may notice, has an attitude today.

Sidetracked! Achariyas posemaker challenge

Ok, I know I promised myself to stay away from sidetracks… but I saw Achariya posted this challenge on her blog and I had to agree, the posemakers are the unsung heroes of the sl fashion world.
Regardless of what reason you take pictures, I can guarrantee you’ve used many different poses, but do you remember to credit them?

So here’s mine…. I’m yelling out a HUGE thankyou to Essential Soul Studio and Poses!

Poses by essential soul!

Poses by essential soul!

Working from the top and going clockwise we have ::

1. Ready to Fight  – A dollarbie offering!

2. Posh – From the “at the wall” set

3. Contemplation – From the “at the wall” set

4. Express – From the “[EX]pressions” set

5. Explain – From the “[EX]pressions” set

These were so hard to choose as Essential soul do so many amazing poses… from Solo (which is a new range) to group poses. They even offer boy/girl and girl/girl poses.
Every pose is really natural and the creators have an amazing eye for detail, which makes me go back again and again. They regularly update everything including their freebies and everytime I go to the store it looks different. In just a few short months they’ve gone from a rather small store to one that would take hours to browse. But don’t let that put you off… IM one of the designers or message the group telling them what it is you need, and they’ll help within seconds.

Customer service is AMAZING, with a guarranteed answer right off, and the staff are friendly and will stop to chat if you are in store, but not imposing like some I’ve come across.
All in all….. my hat is off to Essential Soul, as without them, most of my pictures would be poseless!

Style Guide

Suit – nyte n day (Zoot)

Shoes – Minx (Ecstasy)

Hair – Adam n Eve (Janie)

Skin – Tuli (Elizabeth sunkissed freckles, fern)

Shape – Laqroki (Liv)

Lashes – Beauty Avatar ( Regina Eyelashes 10)

News, and furniture 0.o

Before you think I’ve gone mad, yes I did say furniture.

I got an IM from a gorgeous lady I know (and am kinda sl related to but I’m giving you unbiased here), saying she’s finally finished her opening inventory and opened her furniture store “ch Contemporary Furniture”.

Well my excitement was wayyyy past the 10 point scale.

I’ve seen this stuff in the creation process and its extremely high quality, at such a reasonable price, that I couldn’t wait to see it all in the store.

So… heres some pics… get on down there fast before she realises just how great it all is and hides it!

This are straight from sl….

retrosectional - spice

retrosectional - spice

In other news… I’ve now cleared the old **Trubble** Stock and the new is going to be coming thick and fast… so keep your eyes open.

And we have a new SHOWCASE each month…. this month’s is Primagine, by Trixie Bumbo… drop into the store for a preview of her amazing jewellery.

If you want to apply for showcase… drop a notecard with your store info and LM to Tracy Rubble. Next showcase is Aprils.