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Huge thanks to all of those who took time to write about **Trubble**.

If I have missed any press about Trubble, please let me know, with a URL and I will add it as soon as possible.

Press 2009 – Reverse order (will update from the top)

August 31st 2009

Chic Aeon – Domesticity (Features the Corset from Gypsy)

August 17th 2009

Jori Watler – Jewels of splendor (features Dani)

June 16th 2009

Ana Lutetia – **Trubble** Ruby, Veronique and Tartan Tease (Features named in title)

June 5th 2009

CelesteJetcity – Still in the mood for seaside (Features Rhea)

May 13th 2009

Aliltherapy – Blogger appreciation Week-post one (Features Veronique)

May 5th 2009

Magpie Metaverse – StoRin~Trubble – (Features top from Cher)

March 1st 2009

Chic @ phil’s place – Trubble (Features Veronique, Ginnie, and Ruby – Grey)

February 10th 2009

Magpie Metaverse – Boycott V-day (Features valentine gift 2009)

February 5th 2009

Magpie Metaverse – Die Cupid (Features Die Cupid)

Press 2008 – Reverse order

December 27th 2008

SL Fashion notes – late for christmas (features Ruby – red)

December 8th 2008

Magpie Metaverse – Snow Queen by Trubble (Features Snow Queen)

December 4th 2008

Magpie Metaverse – Trubble (Features Ruby – Red)

November 26th 2008

Freebie Telegraph – OOO Sexy Mrs Christmas Dress – (Features Ms Christmas)

August 24th 2008 – Ware Below (Features Noir)


Sidetrack – How long does it take ?

How long does it take to touch somebodies life?
I’ve known people for years who haven’t had an effect on my life. They haven’t stuck in my mind more than expected, when you see that person all of the time. But in contrast, there are people I knew for a short time in my younger days. People whom, in the very short time that I spent with them, have etched their memories deeply.

The very few people who have managed this, even now, many years after completely losing contact, are people I’ve wished each and every day that I’d see them to just say HI.

And then, when one of these such people appear out of the blue, I don’t stop to see who that message I just recieved was from and close it in a flurry of work.

Another such friend, and the one I would give my own life to see again, would be turning 25 years old today. Almost 11 years after his tragic suicide. His memory is glued into my soul and won’t leave, not that I’d ever want it to.

This post is also for the people I remember clearly, the times we’ve spent and the fun we’ve had. And for the fact that their names have escaped my memories.

Missed opportunities, and lost contact may be the reasons for it, but what exactly is it that makes a person unforgettable, in such a short time? And are we meant to return to these memories, or are they better left in the past?

british thyroid foundation

As some people in world know, I was diagnosed with a serious thyroid disease and graves disease around 8 months ago. I have now been told that the only way to return my system to normal is to have an operation. Which led me to think about the last 8 months and how I didn’t even know much about the thyroid until I was accidently diagnosed at an asthma clinic!

The british thyroid foundation want to change that and are fighting to raise awareness of this disease and other thyroid related illnesses.

You can visit them here for more information.

To thank them and help them with their task, I wanted to raise some money, and where better than the place I spend a lot of time in.
I have a fundraising package for anyone wanting to help with this fundraising, contact Tracy Rubble, or any donations can be paid directly to Kimmie Madfess.

Thankyou x

Sidetracked! Achariyas posemaker challenge

Ok, I know I promised myself to stay away from sidetracks… but I saw Achariya posted this challenge on her blog and I had to agree, the posemakers are the unsung heroes of the sl fashion world.
Regardless of what reason you take pictures, I can guarrantee you’ve used many different poses, but do you remember to credit them?

So here’s mine…. I’m yelling out a HUGE thankyou to Essential Soul Studio and Poses!

Poses by essential soul!

Poses by essential soul!

Working from the top and going clockwise we have ::

1. Ready to Fight  – A dollarbie offering!

2. Posh – From the “at the wall” set

3. Contemplation – From the “at the wall” set

4. Express – From the “[EX]pressions” set

5. Explain – From the “[EX]pressions” set

These were so hard to choose as Essential soul do so many amazing poses… from Solo (which is a new range) to group poses. They even offer boy/girl and girl/girl poses.
Every pose is really natural and the creators have an amazing eye for detail, which makes me go back again and again. They regularly update everything including their freebies and everytime I go to the store it looks different. In just a few short months they’ve gone from a rather small store to one that would take hours to browse. But don’t let that put you off… IM one of the designers or message the group telling them what it is you need, and they’ll help within seconds.

Customer service is AMAZING, with a guarranteed answer right off, and the staff are friendly and will stop to chat if you are in store, but not imposing like some I’ve come across.
All in all….. my hat is off to Essential Soul, as without them, most of my pictures would be poseless!

Style Guide

Suit – nyte n day (Zoot)

Shoes – Minx (Ecstasy)

Hair – Adam n Eve (Janie)

Skin – Tuli (Elizabeth sunkissed freckles, fern)

Shape – Laqroki (Liv)

Lashes – Beauty Avatar ( Regina Eyelashes 10)

News, and furniture 0.o

Before you think I’ve gone mad, yes I did say furniture.

I got an IM from a gorgeous lady I know (and am kinda sl related to but I’m giving you unbiased here), saying she’s finally finished her opening inventory and opened her furniture store “ch Contemporary Furniture”.

Well my excitement was wayyyy past the 10 point scale.

I’ve seen this stuff in the creation process and its extremely high quality, at such a reasonable price, that I couldn’t wait to see it all in the store.

So… heres some pics… get on down there fast before she realises just how great it all is and hides it!

This are straight from sl….

retrosectional - spice

retrosectional - spice

In other news… I’ve now cleared the old **Trubble** Stock and the new is going to be coming thick and fast… so keep your eyes open.

And we have a new SHOWCASE each month…. this month’s is Primagine, by Trixie Bumbo… drop into the store for a preview of her amazing jewellery.

If you want to apply for showcase… drop a notecard with your store info and LM to Tracy Rubble. Next showcase is Aprils.

Whats in your bag?

I’m a blatant idea thief…. I can’t help it…. I saw this and I just had to have a go… cos it meant I had an excuse to sort out my bag!

So here goes….

Whats in my bag

Ok from the top…
Lipstick – I don’t wear it usually, I think its still in there from my last night out. It’s maybelline in Burgundy… my favourite

Mascara – Again I rarely wear it, but keep it in my bag “just in case”. No idea where I got it from.. but its newish.

Batteries – I usually have my digital camera and a torch in my bag too as I’m a paranormal investigator in rl and never know when I’ll need them.

An old token payment card – That just went in the bin as I don’t use tokens rofl.

Medicine bottle (Carbimizole) – I carry these as I should take one a day, and always remember after I’ve gone out hehe.

Antiacid tablets – Heartburn sucks, these get me out of the ouchy period.

Fresh breath paper things – Pop one on your tongue and it burns like hell, tastes lovely afterwards though.

Post office receipts – I usually have a pile of receipts in my bag but I’ve been making an effort not to ask for them.

Purse – Filled with air and mothballs… I’ve not been to bank yet.

Dr Who’s drivers licence – My daughter got it from her uncle, and now I end up with it lol.

Butterfly Hairgrip – Again, my daughters, in case of hairmergency.

Barcode Scanner  – For some research I’m helping out with.

Cigarettes and lighter – Yep I know its bad for me…

Inhaler  – I’m asthmatic… makes smoking worse for me I know.

Cuticora hand gel – I’ve got a two year old… hands need cleaning 20 minutely.

Knickers – My lil one is potty training so I always carry spares. Usually I have trousers too.

TCP Throat lozenges – I get regular sore throats and this helps.

The bag – I know…. how do i fit all that in there!

Snapshot problems.

Well I’m not best happy.
I’ve been updating the keywords, and adding new logo’s … and I have some new designs ready to release, and what happens? … the viewer breaks, and my pictures…. well…. see below.

I’ll be working on a work around, and hopefully it’ll get sorted soon….. snapshot_001

Happy new year

Its the new year, and I am finally back to take Trubble into 2009. We’re going to have some major refurbishment in the store… and some great new designs coming in daily. so watch this space

Beating the big guns

I spend time almost daily reading through the forums relating to phils place, and there seems to be constant stream of threads relating comparing each others sales/traffic or asking “How do I get up there with the bigger stores?”

The general feeling is that newer stores can’t succeed because the well known names are taking up all of the customers and the blog space.

Yet in my eyes this isn’t true. Just take a look at how far your small sl brand has come along since it started. If you are really new (less than a month or so) it may not seem like much, but make a folder… like a time capsule, including some of your products, and a notecard showing average sales/traffic. Then look back in a years time or even six months… you’ll see you’ve moved ahead.

Trubble started out under a different name with the smallest amount of products ever seen in an sl store. I had rented what seemed like a large store in a minimall with a couple of hundred prims, and designed 4 club outfits that are now in the dollarbie section.. lol. Those were Kelly, Layla, Jessie in Lace and Katy Camo. I also had 3 hairstyles each in just 1 colour and an iron maiden teeshirt I’d made using a tutorial.

The store itself was plain, had absolutely no character.. I didn’t even have a logo!!!

Moving on just 6 months, and after putting in every spare hour I could find and designing, reading, learning and putting as much time and passion into it. Trubble now has quite a fair range of gowns, a few dollarbies and a lovely looking (if I do say so myself) store. Traffic went from 1 or 2 well meaning friends at the first location, to averaging 40 a day outside of event times. During hunts or sales we easily hit 100 a day!!

This difference in the store has come from only a few things. Determination, hard work and supportive friends. Without each one of them Trubble would still be a 8 item hut, going nowhere. With them, its shooting on in leaps and bounds, and at the growth rate… in another six months we’ll be up there with the big brands.

So what can you do? How do you grow? Heres some tips…

1. Stop thinking or posting about other peoples businesses, just think about your own. Five minutes spent asking how their sales are in the run up to christmas, is five you can no longer spend getting some for yours.

2. Stop for a second and think… is your product something you enjoy creating? Remember that once you get off the ground, you can’t just drop the whole thing. If people pay for something, they expect long standing support and the option to go back and see if theres something else at your store they like.

3. Be persistant to the point of annoying (don’t actually be annoying though lol). Send review copies to blogs on a monthly basis as a digested newsletter. If you can’t find blogs relating to your product, ask in the forums. You could also use the forums or groups about your product to ask for opinions on it.

4. Set up a blog/website for your store. It’s free advertising.

5. Join resident support groups such as fashion emergency or fashcon for fashion designers…. free advertising.

6. Think constantly about what you could do to improve your business and implement the ideas. Ask customers what they’d like to see, what would improve their experience of shopping with you. They love to know that their opinion matters.

7. Be friendly and say Hello to your customers when they drop in. I don’t mean stand in your store every spare second and hound each one. But if you are there when a customer arrives, say HI. It makes em feel welcome, they tell their friends… FREE ADVERTISING.

8. Be passionate. Without passion and hard work you’ll get nowhere. The build it and they’ll come attitude rarely pays off.

9. Use the forums to ask for opinions on your product / store. Invite the other members to come and see your store and give feedback. You must be prepared for not liking some of the things they say. But this is the nature of constructive criticism. I’ve done this regularly since opening, and met a lot of nice people, learned new skills and been able to work out a store layout that people like. Without their input I’d have been lost.

10. Last but not least, enjoy what you do. Smile, laugh and have fun. This will show in your work and people will know you love your business. If it seems like its getting boring or just too much…. pay a weeks tier or a month’s tier, and take a break from the store. Go and do something else. Take time off SL. Just leave a note in your profile that you are taking a break and support requests will be dealt with when you can check back. Nobody will mind, and you’ll come back with a fresh mind.

Good luck.

Moved Post – Why Design

original post 29 December 2008


It’s a question I’ve been asked a few times in the short time I’ve been designing in phils place. In fact it’s possibly most popular I’ve been asked, and it springs to mind that those designers who have been doing this a lot longer than me may have been asked a million times over. So, I call to those designers out there to answer too, in comments or on their own blogs.

Why do you design clothing in world?

For myself, its complicated.

I didn’t join with any intent on designing, I didn’t even know that it was possible until a week or so inworld. Even at that point, I didn’t think I would be able to design. I’m not the most artistic person, and I’d not used photoshop at all until I started. I didn’t even have the software.

Eventually I got bored with the clubs and had a list of things I wanted to achieve. The first being, I wanted a business. Something to keep me entertained, and some way to earn L’s to keep me in shoes and clothing.
I opened a few club’s. Each of which I got bored of eventually. I even set up a resell (sorrrryyyy) store, which lasted all of 1 week.

Then I found the appearance menu’s and began to play. Coming up with Kelly and Layla (available in the dollarbies area) after a few weeks and with the help of a few tutorials on prim skirts.

I was excited at the prospects of this new skill, and wanted to learn all I could about creating, so I started reading. I spent time at the Ivory Tower, and even tried scripting.

At this point I still had no idea what I wanted to focus on, and so I tried a little of everything, learning that I was not very skilled with larger prims, and, although I enjoyed it, I wasn’t very imaginative with jewellery or creating textures for them.
I even tried creating shoes and boots, but lacked the patience for lining up the prims.
Sculpties confused me, and still do. As did animation.

Therefore, after putting my finger into a LOT of different flavour pies. I decided to concentrate on clothing design.

My first software for this was the Gimp. Which I fell in love with within a month or so. It was, and still is, free. But so rich on features it could easily compete with photoshop.
I found tutorials, and slowly but surely began to create clothing that improved from barely wearable, so sellable.
And Trubble was born.

I moved onto using AvPainter alongside the Gimp, and found my designs so much easier to bring into world, and once I’d mastered that, I took the plunge and got Photoshop.
I now use, SLCP, AvPainter, Gimp and Photoshop CS2 to design, amongst other programs to make textures and other details. I still look for tutorials, and know with each design, I am improving my skills. So I keep going, learning and selling.

Don’t be fooled into thinking I do this for the L’s. I’m not denying they’re nice when they come, as they do help me to puchase items for the store, pay for the textures that I really struggle with, purchase sculpties (I’m more than useless at making them) and cover the costs of uploads. People do say that once a design is in world, it’s all profit. But any designer will say, the overheads of an SL store are more than they look.

But for me, seeing my designs in the clubs or out exploring, is the most amazing feeling. To spot something on somebodies blog, or on an avatar in world, and to say “I made that” is the reason I design.