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Finally new release time :D

It’s definately time for a change, an update of sorts.

I’ve almost finished updating the store build, and I’m in the process of giving it some more tweaks.
The beloved dressing rooms are back, but slightly different in design. I now have 2 floors, one for shoes and casual, the upper for gowns and jewels.

The freebie area is at the top of the stairs and is slowly being styled into a workshop. Don’t worry about stairs though, they’re nice and large for ease of use, and for us lazier avatars, the signs on the wall at the top and bottom will tp you up and down.

There are also different sections downstairs, so things are going to be easier to find, especially once the new teleporter is working right. There is also a front desk, but that needs work and might just be removed, and replaced with a seating area of some sorts. Any ideas let me know 🙂

As requested, all new releases will be in the first section/department as you enter the store, giving you chance to see all of the newness without hunting.

Right now it’s holding these new pieces. Hope you like them.
Also, you may have noticed the store is looking a little barer than usual. That’s because I went through critically and took out all of the older stuff, and all of the items I feel no longer show my current skills. I want you to have only the best. Don’t worry though, I’m creating and releasing as fast as I can, so you’ll soon have a bigger choice of pretties than ever before!

February Dollarbie

Yes I finally updated it. Enjoy.

Get it here for 1L


Our in world group **Trubble Designs** has now become the VIP group for Trubble.
It offers special gifts, exclusive freebies, offers and first looks.
Enrollment is now 250L, but trust me, you’ll get more than your L’s worth before this year is out. Join Now, and be a Trubble VIP.

Search for Trubble Designs in groups or IM Tracy Rubble.

The first gift is already in the past notices…. grab it …


New stuffs!

I know **Trubble** has been in a bit of a mess inside since June, because I haven’t had time to come in and give it an overhaul. But thats exactly what I’m doing later today.

Deleting some of the older items, repricing some things, adding the new releases board, and clearing away some clutter. I’m taking out the skin section until I have more skins to release, and I’m going to update the midnight mania, bidbox and other bits and pieces.

I’m also on the lookout for magazine vendors, which will be placed outside. If you have a monthly fashion magazine, please drop me a vendor and I’ll add it to the cafe area. Please ensure any you send are regularly updated with new issues and are fashion related, but not adult/mature where possible.
So, new releases hitting the store in the next hour or so. Theres a bikini, but you can come meet that instore haha. Other than that, sticking on a summer theme….

Dani Maxi Dress.


Alice – summerdress


More to come, but I am making a huge effort to improve the quality and value for money on all **Trubble** designs, which does take a lot of time. I really feel the quality of all sold items has improved since we opened in February 2008, and I want to improve that even further.



Emergency Laptop Fund!n Trubble

Big tears are in my eyes as I mourn the loss of… my laptop lol.
It has suffered quite a nasty fall, and therefore, its time for a new one.

The case is cracked, but more worryingly, the internal components are crushed. So, although it does work, its unsafe, and not very easy to use. It’s been declared unfixable.
So its time for new, but RL funds are making it impossible.

Therefore, Introducing Tamlyn – The limited edition dress, of which only 100 copies will be sold. It includes all 4 skirt options for 1000L!!!


All proceeds will go towards a laptop from Ebay, So I’m hoping to raise 100k L’s!
Please Help if you can. I’ve also put a donation box in, so if you want to help, but don’t want to buy a dress you can.


Trubble gots blogged.

This post is sticky, and will be updated as often as possible when **Trubble** hits the SL media in some way. This includes Reviews on blogs, other news, Magazines etc.

Huge thanks to all of those who took time to write about **Trubble**.

If I have missed any press about Trubble, please let me know, with a URL and I will add it as soon as possible.

Press 2009 – Reverse order (will update from the top)

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May 5th 2009

Magpie Metaverse – StoRin~Trubble – (Features top from Cher)

March 1st 2009

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February 10th 2009

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Press 2008 – Reverse order

December 27th 2008

SL Fashion notes – late for christmas (features Ruby – red)

December 8th 2008

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November 26th 2008

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August 24th 2008

Achariya.net – Ware Below (Features Noir)

Dare to be brighter?

It’s time for another big bunch of releases at Trubble and wow have I got some treats for you.

But… this time, I’m not just gonna release them. Nope.

It’s time for a trubble party.

As you may know I’m leaving SL on wednesday to have my thyroid removed, so I’ll be away for up to 2 weeks. So this is going to be my lil leaving party too… come gimme something to remember.
Theme – Big on colour, small on prims.

Time – 2-4pm slt

Location – Blues Island … all of it haha

In the cafe (Freshly brewed)

2-3pm slt – Angelica Svenska- Angelica is a girl from Sweden with the voice of and angel and some awesome guitar playing.
She got her first guitar when she was 6 years old, but she picked it up again and started playing more seriously when she was 17.
She got up on stage in SL quite recently and she has already been playing on quite a few known stages.
Angelica has a broad music variesty and has written a couple of her own songs, but other the that she plays covers of songs by for example. Jason Mraz, Take that, Colbie Caillat, Neil Diamond.. etc.

3-4pm slt – another live act tbc


And don’t miss, fishing on the courtyard (in front of the store and cafe) and free horse riding.

So… wanna see the new stuffs?

Here’s a lil gallery, click the pics for a closer look.

Click here to visit Trubble

New stuff at trubble, and another new look!

Trubble has been going from strength to strength over the past couple of months. With more designs being released than ever before, and a whole new look, yet again hehe.

The store was looking rather full, and so I took a day to rearrange and put in some new displays. As you can see it now looks cleaner, and theres more space for some new goody’s!

So what do I put in the extra space? I asked, sent out customer surveys, nagged my contacts and asked everyone I happened to see… and the verdict was…


And so I panicked. Ok, so accessories aren’t too hard, but I’d heard that skins were really hard work. But you asked, so … after a LOT of time in photoshop, and reading tutorials, and bending ears (3 days none stop, I do apologise to those who’ve been nagged and pictured to death)

Skin-By-Trubble-coming-soonYES! Skins are coming soon to Trubble. Along with shapes and …

eyes_001Heres me releasing the first set of eyes! Desire eyes are available in 7 colours (more coming soon) and are priced 200L a set, or 1200L for the fatpack.

So, its all go… release dates for the first skins will be posted here as soon as possible and shapes will be appearing in the next 2-3 weeks.


Quick Post! Help Laynies Kiddo!

The owner of LaynieWear has reached out for some help. Her son has diabetes, and every year he goes to a summer camp, where he can meet like minded friends who understand his condition. But Laynie needs help to pay for this years camp.

So please, hop on over to her blog, and find out how to donate, or where you can buy things that funds his trip.

Cmon, make a little boy’s summer wish, and let him be a normal kiddo for a few weeks.


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