Autumn is here!

Autumn brings the gold and brown out in all of us. The leaves are falling from the trees, and we’re all dreading the day we can no longer leave home without a jacket.

But autumn is also my favourite season. It always brings magic for me, with the changing colours, and the knowledge that it leads straight up to christmas.
With this in mind, I’ve released autumn into Trubble.

Take a look.


Autumn comes in 3 dress lengths, the mini and gown has 2 skirt styles.

see it in store.

and on flickr


Wow what a week!

As I said in my last post, Trubble had to close on the Blues Island sim, and at that time, the store’s future was uncertain.

Time for a little good news! Trubble has a new home on the Icon Lifestyle sim.

We also have a completely new, more modern look, and of course some new releases! I’ve worked almost non-stop for the past week getting set up, and the work is still very much ongoing, but I’m planning to keep working as hard as I can to make Trubble the very best it can be.

So heres the new releases!!!

Ana-blue-sept-boardAna-Sept-Board‘Ana’ is available in both Blue and a Pink/Cream colour. Featuring a very low, cheeky back and revealing just that little bit extra.

calla2-board‘Calla2’ is a special offer for group members only. Wear your group tag to get the full skirt and bodice outfit for just $50L. (The bodice is available in store at full price too)

There are many more new items coming into the store in the next week or so, and of course, plenty of special offers, sales and freebies to be had if you are in the subscriber list or our in world group, joiners for both are available in-store.


Sorry for the little notice given, I have only learned of this today. Trubble as you know it will be gone within the next few hours. What it will become, if anything will not be completely known straight away.

The owner of the sim, Blues Island, which trubble stands on now is doing a massive refurbishment of the sim. This includes asking me to remove the build as it is, because it no longer fits the look of the sim.

It is unfortunate, and heartbreaking for me after almost a year of work to get the store how it looks now, to have to pull it down but it’s unavoidable. The owner is paying for a new build for me, but it will be much smaller than it is now, and will probably mean losing many of the outfits I have on sale. It will also put a limit on new releases as there will not be the space.

I am looking at options now, and trying to work out what is best to do, but right now all I can do is thank you all for your custom and support over the last two years, and hope you will all watch this space for updates as I can offer them.

Tracy Rubble.


This post is THE place for all of your trubble questions and answers. I needed to reclaim the vast majority of my profile, so from 31st August 2009, please check here for answers to anything.

**Where do I find Trubble??**

You will find us at any of the following places – click the link for a teleport.



If the location is not listed here, it is not an authorised **Trubble** location (PLEASE NOTE : there are satellites on TIESTA and KETURAH until further notice and there are regular booths at exhibitions). Likewise, if the creator is not listed as Tracy Rubble, it is not an authorised retailer. Please report all unauthorised sales of **Trubble** designs to Tracy Rubble.

**Are you looking to rent more space?**

No, at this time I am not looking to rent. Please do not drop unsolicited notecards on me regarding rentals. Instead, send an email to, with details of rent, prims and a contact name. When I do refresh my rentals I will contact the emailers first.

**Who can I contact for help?**

Your first port of call should always be Tracy Rubble herself. As the owner/designer, I always try to take care of my customers myself. Alas, RL sometimes calls, but you can leave a notecard.

If I am unavailable for a longer length of time, check my profile for a contact name for that period.

**Can I buy your textures, tga files etc?**

No, I do not sell the textures/templates as I spend a lot of time developing them for my use only. If you wish to learn clothing design, why not check out Mermaid Diaries, which has some of the best tutorials.

**Can I have something full perms? Can I have something transferrable?**

These are both under the same paragraph as they both relate to the same answer. The reason I do not sell anything full-permission or transferrable, is to protect my IP rights. Yes I could sell things modify/transfer, but if you make a mistake whilst modifying you have lost your only copy. So for ease, I sell copy/mod/no trans.

**Can I have something for free?**

It isn’t impossible to get something free or 1L from **Trubble**. Look around the store, there are free/1L items dotted around when I have specials. These aren’t always advertised. We also have games near the door, which change regularly.

Also, don’t forget to join the group **Trubble designs** or touch our in store subscriber, as you’ll get freebies from time to time through there!

**Can I work for you?**

I do not hire models for my vendor textures as it is easier to do the photo’s using myself. However I DO send out notices from time to time asking for help with photo projects for store ads, and for my own personal projects. These are unpaid, with the exception of free clothing when needed.

I do not hire other staff.

**Can I add you?**

I keep my contacts to a minimum, as I have found that list gets very messy, very fast. If you want to keep up, join my plurk timeline. Plurk is a social network, and the best place to get to know me outside of the store.


New Stuffs AGAIN!

From one extreme to the other, now I can’t stop getting releases out there for you all. In fact theres so much coming out at trubble that I can’t possibly blog every single item. But I’m gonna try and blog as many as possible, but with just pics… so enjoy.

Trubble is here!!!


New stuffs!

I know **Trubble** has been in a bit of a mess inside since June, because I haven’t had time to come in and give it an overhaul. But thats exactly what I’m doing later today.

Deleting some of the older items, repricing some things, adding the new releases board, and clearing away some clutter. I’m taking out the skin section until I have more skins to release, and I’m going to update the midnight mania, bidbox and other bits and pieces.

I’m also on the lookout for magazine vendors, which will be placed outside. If you have a monthly fashion magazine, please drop me a vendor and I’ll add it to the cafe area. Please ensure any you send are regularly updated with new issues and are fashion related, but not adult/mature where possible.
So, new releases hitting the store in the next hour or so. Theres a bikini, but you can come meet that instore haha. Other than that, sticking on a summer theme….

Dani Maxi Dress.


Alice – summerdress


More to come, but I am making a huge effort to improve the quality and value for money on all **Trubble** designs, which does take a lot of time. I really feel the quality of all sold items has improved since we opened in February 2008, and I want to improve that even further.



Just a quicky…

To let you know that I’m still around.
It’s been a hard couple of weeks, beginning with a 2 week outage of my internet. But the time was well spent, plowing away in photoshop and putting some ideas into practice. Now we’re not far away from a nice new collection to be released.

The planned extension has been pushed back by a few months, to allow for a complete rehash of the older designs, as I think it’s time to give you lots and lots of new, and for the old to go…. well… just go.
Also, I’m going to be having another little clean up and rearrange in the store, adding a board near to the front for new releases. So you can get the latest 4-6 items without having to browse for hours. Unfortunately, due to space, hair will not be on the board, but it is going to have its own section. In fact, watch this space, as the store may get a full makeover, even without its extension.

And you know what that means…… PARTY TIME!

Happy shopping xx

its getting hairy @ trubble

I’ve found a new love… sl hair creation. It’s frustrating, and really keeps my mind off “other” things. So now I guess it’s time to ease the load on my inventory and sell some of my first hair creations.

I released 2 last week, and today I’ve released another… Celestria.


It comes in all of the usual packs including blacks, blondes, reds and a pack of color tips. Priced from 100L – 800 for a fatpack with everything in.
I’ve also released the first “monthly dollarbie”. This packs doesn’t have the tips in, but does include 2 packs of rainbow colors. Over 30 hairs, for just 1L.

It’s been a while… I’ve missed you!

With my RL taking up so much time recently, I have been forced to push SL to the side for a while. I won’t apologise for this, nor will I make excuses for it, because we all need a RL more.

What I will apologise for though, is not communicating my absense in any way.

But, you see, it didn’t strike me to do it, because I have been around in short bursts. And I’ve been busy making …..


Yup, it’s finally past the “one day I will” stage, and firmly into the “where the heck did that prim go…” time. As I type this, I have 1 hair finished (see below) and another 3 in progress. Plus I’ve started planning a couple more, and I’m hoping to bring around 8 to the store towards the end of the month, so abuse the bookmarks, block the RSS and WATCH THIS SPACE.

Iona-Hair-BoardThis first **Trubble** hair, Iona, is a simple and sleek bobbed cut, with a whispy fringe. It’s low prim and non-flexi, and cut to be as simple as possible… effortless, and works with near enough any outfit. I’m addicted to it at the moment… it’s the lil black dress of the hair world.
I hope you like it. Iona will be available by the end of the month, but feel free to contact me for demo’s.

End of the gift cards, and a nice lil sale!


In an attempt to reduce lag and make your shopping experience more comfortable, I am removing all gift card scripts from the store at or around midnight slt on the 1st July.

Please use all gift cards prior to this date, as I will not be offering refunds. After this date, you may return the gift card to me, with a list of items up to the value left on your card and I will send them. This will continue until 1st August. Cards will no longer work in the vendors from the 2nd July.

Also on the 2nd July for 24 hours, everything in store will be priced at just 20L. What a summer sizzler!
Don’t miss it, its not often the sun fries my brain!

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