More New things

It seems I get so wrapped up in creating at times I forget to post about the newness I have added to the store. Then, as time goes on more new stuff pushes the old to the back of the blogging queue. So whilst I remember, heres a couple more new things I added to the Jewelry line. Enjoy.

Also, exciting news!! Trubble has now joined the 60L Weekends sale, and has a gorgeous, exclusive skirt suit in this weeks lineup. Unfortunately, because I’m in a mean mood, I’m not going to show you a picture now. You’ll just have to get on over to Trubble on Saturday or Sunday of this week to see it :p. You can even go over now and touch the subscriber for 60L Weekends to sign up for the weekly list if you don’t already get it, and grab the new stuff whilst you’re there.

Here’s your Limo


Moved Post – Newness and more importantly foreverness

Original post  – November 26th 2008

Trubble is now comfortable in its new home, and the smell of fresh paint is still in the air.

The store reopened on the 23rd November with a grand reopening (and a nice ribbon cutting ceremony that nearly didn’t happen until I worked out I’d need 2 people to make it work hehe.

We have a whole new range of gowns, some new casualwear and a floor full of sale/dollarbies for every occasion. So drop by and take a look.

I’d like to put out a few thankyou’s to those who have helped me to get the store back up and running.

Thanks firstly to Smarte for the build and advice and also for the amazing djing at the opening party.

Thankyou’s to Celestria (my sissy and owner of CSP) for sorting out some land on her sim for me, and for putting up with the barrage of “I broke it..” IM’s, and the occasional “it won’t fit…”

Thanks to Ecko, for keeping me sane and putting me in touch with Smarte.

Thankyou’s to Elizabeth for rocking my conferences and telling me to breathe.

Thanks to Destiny for pushing the advertising for me, and helping to get the word out and also for modelling some of the outfits for me.

Huge thanks to San, you really are a rock, and have helped me out no end getting this far. Even when you couldn’t make it online, your messages of encouragement kept me going.

And of course thankyou to everyone else who has played their part. Especially to those who put up with the constant stream of conference IM’s and offered words and more importantly coffee and vodka hehe.

Everyone involved in Trubble, from customers to friends to passersby mean the world to me. Without each and every one of you I’d never have got to where I am, and although its only the first part of the journey, I want you all to know how much I appreciate you all,and how much I hope you’ll all be around to continue the road with me. Heres to the next milestone….